• Can I be constipated even if I have bowel movements daily?

    Yes, because an accumulation of waste products in the colon may reduce its natural processes and cause digestion issues and bloating.

  • Can you describe what a healthy well-function bowel is?

    When one feels the urge to eliminate and immediately honours the urge by a trip to the toilet, elimination is quick and painless and will feel complete. Stools are medium to light brown have very little odour and will break up in water.

  • Do I need to bring anything with me to use for my Infrared Sauna Session?

    Yes. Since most of our customers prefer to bring their own favorite drink and towel, you will need to bring these with you

  • Do I need to fast before my colon hydrotherapy?

    No, there is no need to fast, in fact it is better for the therapist’s assessment if you don’t.

  • Does Colon Hydrotherapy effect the Electolytes in my body?

    In the 1989 study – “Effects of Colonic Hydrotherapy on Serum Electrolytes” conducted by National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, USA: “No patients experienced any clinically significant symptoms or disturbances”.

  • How do toxins accumulate in the body?

    Toxins accumulate in the body as a result of stress and/or consuming too much acidic food, such as sugar, white flour caffeine and alcohol.

    When the bowel becomes unnaturally acidic, it attempts to protect itself by secreting a glyco-protein substance that lines the entire intestinal wall. This is known as mucoid plaque. This substance is what makes it hard for the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients, which could result in chronic malnutrition.
 When the bowel becomes toxic, it contaminates the blood, which in turn, spreads the toxins to the heart, lungs, brain, muscles etc as it is delivering nutrients throughout the body. In the end, the liver is left to deal with toxic blood, and after years of relentless toxicity, it will become sluggish until it will no longer function. At this point, the toxins will begin to collect in other parts of the body.

    Disease will manifest wherever they settle. Overall, cleansing allows you to remove accumulated mucoid plaque in order to rebuild your bowel and your liver and protect yourself from disease.

  • How does colon hydrotherapy compare to an enema?

    An enema only works on the lower part of the colon whereas colon hydrotherapy cleanses the whole large part of the colon giving greater assistance.

  • How does Colonic Hydrotherapy affect the Bacteria balance in my body?

    Colonic hydrotherapy does not flush all good or bad bacteria out of the body. Once toxins are removed from the colon, the beneficial bacteria have a cleaner habitat facilitating their reproduction and multiplication, therefore achieving a positive bacterial balance.

  • How long does a colon hydrotherapy session take and can I go straight back to work?

    Normally it takes approx 1 Hour per session, then you’re right to get on with your day.

  • How will I feel after my colonic?

    You will leave your treatment session feeling relaxed, regenerated and rebalanced.

  • How will I know when the colon is empty?

    The colon will probably never be empty, as it’s an organ in continuous use. As more of the impacted material is released clients comment on feeling the water enter higher regions of the colon without any sense of obstruction. The objective should not be an empty colon, but rather a well functioning colon.

  • Is Colon Hydrotherapy habit forming?

    No, colonic hydrotherapy is not habit forming. On the contrary, one of the features of colonic hydrotherapy is the toning of the colon muscles, which helps in maintaining and resuming regular bowel movements.

  • Is Colon Hydrotherapy painful?

    No, depending on the individual, some people may feel only minor discomfort. Only in the case of an impacted colon you may experience a slight discomfort. Some cramping may occur as the colon contracts to expel waste. Once the major impaction is removed, you will find the session pleasant and relaxing.

  • Is it possible to have a colonic hydrotherapy treatment whilst having a period?

    Colonic Hydrotherapy is perfectly safe during this time, and will help decrease the cramps and the bloating accompanying the menstruation.

    The body is naturally detoxing. We just ask you to wear an angle cup or tampon during treatment.

  • Should I see a Doctor before seeing colon hydrotherapy Brisbane?

    If you have a specific medical condition then we would suggest it, but a medical examination is not normally required as it’s safer than a home administered enema.

  • What are the benefits of an Infrared Sauna against other traditional saunas?

    The infrared sauna works at a far lower heat, but is 7 times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals from the body,

    the heat is adjustable to your comfort and can assist in the healing process.

  • What are the signs or symptoms when we first being to omit toxic substances and begin to clean out the colon?

    Laxatives empty the colon short term but are an irritant to the body. Therefore, the body produces a thin watery substance that goes through the colon and leaves behind imWhen a regular diet of stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar and others are eliminated from your diet, some clients comment about having headaches, flu-like symptoms and even mild depression. At this stage of a detox, cleansing through Colonic Hydrotherapy helps to flush toxins out of the system, hence Colonic Hydrotherapy is recommended with back to back sessions for the first two weeks.pacted toxins and waste. Colonic hydrotherapy uses pure water and does not irritate the body. One of the tremendous benefits is that it actually hydrates the body.

  • What kind of diet should I follow immediately after a Colonic Hydrotherapy session?

    Following a cleansing of the large intestinal, the body may feel weary or relaxed.

    This is simply your body working out and processing through its cleaning period; proper rest is important at this time to give your body time to rejuvenate.

    Immediately after receiving Colonic Hydrotherapy, it is important to:

    Drink plenty of liquids (purified water, juices, herbal teas and electrolyte liquids).

    Eat a healthy vegetable soup within the next couple of hours;

    Avoid eating raw vegetables straight after the treatment. Steamed vegetables and raw fruit are sufficient. (To be chewed very thoroughly).

    Reduce meat consumption (especially beef, pork as well as chicken), alcohol, caffeine and sugar intake.

  • What should I do immediately before a colonic?

    It is advisable to refrain from eating or drinking anything two hours prior to your scheduled appointment. This is to avoid feelings of nausea, as well as ensuring maximum comfort during your Colonic Hydrotherapy session. And drinking at least 4-6 glasses of water a day is advisable but not a necessity.

  • When shouldn’t I have colon hydrotherapy?

    We don’t recommend it when you’re pregnant or if you have medical advise to avoid it because of an existing condition. – if you are unsure please speak to one of our professional team Call 0401 383 047

  • Why do the symptoms happen?

    This is due to the body discarding toxins which are removed from the tissues and then transported by the blood to the liver and then the colon for elimination.
 All symptoms generally pass by the third or fourth session of Colonic Hydrotherapy. Clients often comment on their increased energy levels after the second session

  • Will I need to rush to the toilet after having colon hydrotherapy?

    No, since the process is managed during the therapy. Many people come during their lunch break and head back to work afterwards.

  • Will laxatives accomplish the same result?

    Laxatives empty the colon short term but are an irritant to the body.

    Therefore, the body produces a thin watery substance that goes through the colon and leaves behind impacted toxins and waste. Colonic hydrotherapy uses pure water and does not irritate the body.

    One of the tremendous benefits is that it actually hydrates the body.

  • Will there be a therapist in the room with me?

    Yes, This is a closed method and the fully trained therapist will perform the colonic and will ensure you get the best care possible.