Here is a short list of the many benefits of coffee enemas


  • How much water?

    The procedure described below is really a coffee implant rather than an enema, because it involves only two to three cups of water. Using a quart of water may be more difficult to retain for some individuals. However, the use of a quart of water, and making sure the water reaches most of the large intestine, is more helpful for cleansing the colon of accumulated waste material.

    If one suspects severe bowel toxicity or in cases of serious illness, quarter enemas are preferable, at least to start with.

  • How often?

    Dr. Gerson recommended the coffee enema up to 6 times daily for severely ill cancer patients. His patients continued them for up to several years with no ill effects. I usually suggest one enema per day to assist detoxification or to enhance liver activity. Two enemas daily may be taken during a healing reaction if needed.

    For those who are very ill, several a day may are best for at least several months.

    For best results, a program of coffee enemas should be carried on for at least a month.

    They should not be needed for more than two or three years, although many people have continued to take them for a number of years without problems.

  • When is the best time?

    The best time to take the enema is after a normal movement or after a colonic for best results.

    One will get a slight rush from the enama, but it is not like drinking coffee, which I do not recommend. Coffee enemas taken in the evening may interfere with sleep.

  • What are the side effects?

    If performed properly, coffee implants do not cause habituation, constipation or any rectal problems. In over 23 years of practice, I have not seen important negative effects of coffee enemas in those who need them.

    Difficulties occasionally arise if one has hemorrhoids. In these cases, extra care is needed in inserting the enema tip. Some people with hemorrhoids find the enemas irritating. A small number of people are unable to retain even a cup of water for the required 15 minutes.

    One can start with less coffee or less water in these cases. There seems to be no harm if one wishes to retain the enema longer than 15 minutes. While enemas may seem uncomfortable, many clients report the procedure is so helpful they soon forget the inconvenience.

Coffee Enema Instructions

To start you need

Preparation of Ingredients

Two methods are available and the first is best.

Preparing Equipment

Taking the Enema

Finishing Up

After 15 minutes or so, go to the toilet and empty out the water. It is okay if some water remains inside. If water remains inside often, you are dehydrated.

Further Hints

Final Suggestions

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