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We are highly trained and experienced colonic professionals. We take a holistic approach to the treatment and will make you feel at ease. The goal of the treatment is to send each and every client home “CHEERING”. CHEERING?, you might say with trepidation and concern or perhaps wonderment. And I say YES, by the end of your consultation you’ll be “internally cheering”.


The business was developed after the owner, Caroyln, had personally experienced the benefits of colon hydrotherapy overcoming nagging health issueswhich normal medical intervention could not solve. She was so impressed with the result and the difference it made to her life that she bought the company.

Now the business is at the forefront of the industry and is one of the few colon hydrotherapy irrigation clinics in Brisbane with a dedicated and friendly team focussing on your health and wellbeing. A1 Colon Hydrotherapy offers a range of detoxing solutions to suit your personal needs and time restraints including, Colon Hydrotherapy – Colon Irrigation – Colonics – Colonics Brisbane – Detoxing – Infra-red Sauna – Massage – Enamas

These services and products assist in the relief of:
headaches | overweight | bloating | fatigue | back pain | allergies | depression | bad breath | food craving | loss of appetite | menstrual problems | poor concentration | skin problems | bladder problems | mental confusion | arthritis | insomnia | constipation | diarrhea | low sex drive just to name a few.

Colon Hydrotherapy Brisbane – Principal

Carolyn’s practical qualifications are complimented by her certification in colonic irrigation (reflexogly method) from the Australian Institute of health, certificate in Iridology, Member of the Australian Colon Health Association, Member of Australian Colonic Hydrotherapy Association, Member of I-ACT (International Association Colon Therapy), Complete First Aid Certificate among her other achievements. colon hydrotherapy brisbane carolynThere is no doubt that over the years A1 Colon Hydrotherapy success has been mainly contributed to Carolyn’s passion to ensure all of her customers are treated with respect in a friendly, caring and professional  environment. Her team is trained in all aspects of the businesses operations including the personal service and ensuring the customer always receives exceptional value for money on every visit.

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A1 Colon Hydrotherapy (Brisbane) a Professional and Friendly Environment.

Clinic Locations – Aspley – FigTree Pocket – Oxenford



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